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Kids to School

In the townships of South Africa many children are born into exceptionally precarious existences. Many are HIV orphans, and with 80% unemployment, are living in extreme poverty. As a result, their education is non existent or, at best, delayed.

Every child who wishes to go to school has to pay school fees and must arrive at school in the proper school uniform. This is really disappointing to most children, and begins the cycle of alienation from their peers, often resulting in depression, unsupervised, these children wander the streets, committing petty crime while their friends go to school.

If a youngster misses the first two years of schooling, it is almost impossible for that child to catch up. And for those who do manage to get a late start, it's an uphill battle as they face the stigma of being aged 8+ and at school with more able 5 or 6 year olds. Inevitably, at a very early age these youth are disadvantaged by the lack of learning making it almost impossible for them to bridge the gap between themselves and their peers - for life.

The Oliver Foundation supports education through 3 organisations:

  • Heatherbank Pre-Primary School - Walmer
  • Khayalethu - A Home for 30 former street boys
  • Umzingisi - A township based Sports Academy

Since 2007 we have enabled over 500 children attend school. Without the support of our donors this would not have been possible.

£100 will ensure that one child will have the chance of an education for a year.




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