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Since 2007 Oliver House has gone through several transformations, firstly a rented property, then a freehold property in Central, now an apartment in the main youth centre located in the much more desirable Kragga Kamma area. Our dream is to help Khayalethu build a separate home for the young men on this small holding. Here the young men have a secure home and Oliver House creates an invaluable stepping stone towards independence.

The Oliver Foundation has assisted with the creation of a half-way house for boys who are too old to stay at the children's home. Previously there were few opportunities for these former street children after they had finished school.

The Current residents of Oliver House.

In 2008, The Oliver Foundation were able to acquire the freehold of a property in Port Elizabeth for use as a half way house. This is a real home for the young men who moved in in October and a first step to them living independent lives.

Karate - training for discipline

In March 2007, seven youths moved in to a separate home with a care giver and will be taught the skills to become responsible adults prepared for life outside an institution. This includes running their house, budgeting, running a bank account and life skills.

Chris, Sharon, Marietjie (Khayalethu Manager) and Gail opening Oliver House

Five youths have been placed in apprenticeships and two are completing their education with the aim of attending university. Full support will be given while these youth make the transition to independent life. These young men acknowledge that without the support of Khayalethu they would inevitably end up in a life of crime and a term in prison.


The Government does not contribute towards the care of these youths. Approximately £1,250 PA has to be raised to support each youth for one year.




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